About GG Art.is

The operators of GG Art.is are Einar Guðmann and Gyða Henningsdóttir.

Id. 2010663799, VAT no. 31276.

In general

These terms apply to the purchase of photographs, works, products or services on the website www.ggart.is.

Price information

24% VAT is included in the price of the products that are subject to VAT. Prices are published subject to typing errors and accidentally incorrect images with products.

Payment methods

Payments are accepted by Visa, Mastercard, Visa Electron, Maestro, PAY and by bank transfer upon request. Borgun ehf oversees the secure processing of credit card information.

Orders and delivery of goods

GG Art.is reserves the right to cancel orders. The reason may be typos, incorrect information or the product / raw material is not in stock. We also reserve the right to discontinue offering products.

Orders are binding when the buyer has confirmed an order in the payment system. In most cases, the product is specially manufactured for the buyer.  

The buyer is advised to familiarize himself with the confirmation of the order when it arrives. In the buying process, the buyer chooses a delivery method. If the buyer has chosen to receive a shipment through Íslandspóstur, GG Art is not responsible for the delivery time of the shipment after it has been mailed.

Delivery of goods and shipping costs

In the product information you can find the estimated delivery time. In most cases, the delivery time is 2-10 days. Most of the products on GG Art are not in stock and are therefore a special production for the buyer in most cases. Delivery time may therefore depend on circumstances. In cases where Íslandspóstur is in charge of deliveries, Íslandspóstur's delivery, warranty and transport terms apply to the delivery of the product. GG Art.is is not responsible for lost shipments or damage that may occur to goods in transit. If a product is lost in the mail or suffers damage between the time it is mailed and until the receipt of the purchase order, the damage is the buyer's responsibility.


A 14-day right of return is granted when purchasing a stock item upon presentation of a sales invoice showing when the item was purchased. The product must be unused, in perfect condition and in its original undamaged packaging when returned. If a product is sealed, the seal must not be broken. The return of a product is based on its original price, except in the case of sale products or special offers. In those cases, the sale price is based on the day it is returned. A product that is produced specifically according to the buyer's wishes is not covered by the right of return. The buyer bears the cost of shipping costs for delivery.


If a product is defective, a new product is offered instead and GG Art.is pays shipping costs or refunds if requested. In other respects, reference is made to the icelandic laws on „Act on the Right of Return“ No. 48/2003. 

Disclaimer about presentation

Due to the different colors of computer screens and smart devices, colors may differ from the actual work. GGArt.is emphasizes that every effort is made to reflect products and works as final product. Emphasis is placed on reading information about the product regarding how it is delivered. Photographs of the product may differ from the product if it is stated in the product description.

Copyright and copying

It is not permitted to copy material and photographs on the website GGArt.is.

Personal information and security terms

GG Art.is maintains confidentiality regarding all information about the buyer that he has provided in connection with the transaction. Information about the buyer is not provided to third parties, with the exception that in the processing of payment information, a third party - in this case Borgun ehf. May possibly receive information about the buyer for the purpose of processing payment for goods or services.

Law and venue

If a case arises due to a transaction on GGart.is, it shall be conducted before the District Court of North-Iceland.